Monday, October 31, 2011

My weekend in pictures

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

DATE NIGHT! Ryan's friend Jesse and his fiance Sam went with us to get pedicures!
 It was the boys first time being pampered with a pedi, and they said that it was definitely worth risking their manhood for;)
Although, it was a bit ticklish at times for Ryan..... hahaha
We are loving the weather right now! Not too cold, not too hot. Perfect for some Ryan & Ellie time on the trampoline :)

Ellie spent her actual birthday night with her dad, so last night we had cake & ice cream with the fam at our house. Ellie got lots of cute stuff from her Aunts and Uncles!

We lit two lanterns for Ellie's 2nd birthday and let them go in the sky. She loved them, but was sad when she realized they weren't coming back. ha

                                                                      Getting ready for Halloween!

I was a complete flake of a mom when it came to Halloween this year.... between school and work, I just totally spaced a costume for Ellie. whoopsies! So, an hour before her halloween program at daycare, I pulled together a little cat/tiger/whatever-it-is costume for Ellie. It works, right? I am definitely going to redeem myself next year.... pinky promise. But I still think she looks adorable. :)

Then for trick or treating, we made last minute super hero costumes. Most people didn't know what we were, but oh well. ha trick or treating with Ellie was seriously the BEST this year! She was totally into it. Isn't Ellie the cutest lil super hero you've ever seen?!

Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween!


  1. :) very, very cute! my favorite is the picture of ryan jumping with ellie on the tramp! haha

  2. Love the "Gratitude" post.
    Love homemade costumes.
    Love the Lanterns.
    Love Ryan & Ellie.
    Love a man who will get a pedi. :)