Monday, October 24, 2011

My week and weekend in pictures- Mexican style

  I was invited by Ryan's lovely family to go to Mexico with them! It was ten days of absolute bliss. Sitting on the beach all day, playing sand volleyball, shell hunting, writing in the sand, eating fish tacos for every meal, getting a tan, and being with some of my most favorite people. What could be better than that??

                                                              Where I slept. Tough life, eh?

We went to a church session and it happened to be the primary program! The little kids singing in spanish were so cute. oh and p.s. please forgive me for posting such cheesy pictures. I can't help but show how happy I am in my life right now! :)

                                          Sipping Pina Coladas on the beach is a MUST!

                                                            I love the Copes! + Melissa and Kylee

                                                                I love my Bella boo!

                                      Early morning yoga as the sun was rising....was AMAZING!

                                               But Ryan and I can hardly ever be serious..... ;)

                                                             As you can tell....

      Isn't this picture amazing? Probably because Ryan is really really rediculously good looking.

                                                         I'm so happy :)

                                                                  We love Kev!

I went flying!

I know this may embarrass Ryan, but I have to share it. Every morning, we all woke up early and watched the sun rise over the ocean. On one of the first mornings, Ryan's mom said that she loved the Beatles song, " Here comes the Sun". Well of course by the end of the week, Ryan had taught himself how to play that song on the guitar and sang it for her on the last sunrise while we were there. How cute is that?! It may or may not have brought her to tears:)

                                                          The sun rise was UNREAL!
Ever seen Tangled? We lit some lanterns and let them go over the ocean. It was sweeeet.

and what would a blog post be without a little update of my favorite two year old?!

Funny Story: So while I was in Mexico,  I get a text from one of Ellie's daycare teachers and she sent me this picture, along with the words "This is what Ellie showed up in while you were gone. We could definitely tell that Mom was out of town, because of the way she was dressed!" BAHAHA I just about DIED with I got that picture. The culprit was either Ellie's dad or grandpa. . I think it's safe to say that Ellie should stick to being dressed by her momma;)

And Ellie got some good zoo time in with Uncle Brad and Aunt Gina! She still can't stop saying their names. SO cute. I missed this little bug! It feels so good to be home.


  1. first- the pictures of you two on the beach are DARLING!
    second- it really is awesome seeing how happy he makes you!
    third- i saw the picture of ellie before i read the description and my first thought was 'daddy must have dressed her' haha.
    LOVE it all.

  2. Michelle! I am seriously SO happy for you! You deserve all the best and to be so happy and with such an amazing guy. You look great!

  3. Michelle, you and Ryan are adorable!! Im so happy you are so happy right now!

  4. You guys make my heart happy!
    I am so glad you had such a fun time!
    Ps. Your tan is amazing, so jealous!

  5. This post made me so happy for you!!!! I love you Michelle call me k.

  6. im in love with you two together. and i hardly know you. and ellie is too cute. perfection.

  7. These pics are amazing! Mostly because you look so beautiful and happy :)

  8. Michelle!!!
    I had no idea you were dating Ryan!!! What a perfect couple. :) I am so dang happy for you.

  9. You look so happy and I am so happy for you. The pictures of the two of you on the beach are to die for!