Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Happiness is feeling truly loved by someone.
Happiness is early morning yoga.
Happiness is sneaking away from work to visit Ellie at daycare.
Happiness is getting a manicure with my little lady.
Happiness is cuddling under blankets in the rain.
Happiness is eating french toast & watching Conference at the Cope's cottage.
Happiness is sleeping in and missing class. oops.
Happiness is sitting on the porch with Ellie every day after work.
Happiness is being with Ryan.
Happiness is counting down the days until Mexico.
Happiness is seeing Ellie kiss Cody.
Happiness is finding a sweet note on my windshield.

Happiness feels good :)


  1. Happiness is seeing my sister happy!!! Honestly it makes me SO happy that you are happy. And Ellie completely melted my heart with how cute she is with Ellie. I'm so excited to watch her tomorrow!

  2. Ditto, what she said!! ^^^^
    Love Ellie's boots in that last pick, lol!

  3. such a sweet post. Like the other Allie said....it's so great to see YOU happy! And don't you just love those little moments like sitting on the porch after work with Ellie. Those are the things that make life beautiful!

  4. this post made me happy :) good for you girl... god knows you definitely deserve it! xoxo

  5. Just about teared up reading this. I am so happy for your happiness, my friend!! You deserve it!!

  6. you already know what i think about you and ryan..

    love you!!! Glad you're doin well. :)

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  8. My friends and I hung out with Ryan and his friends for a short phase in middle school...forevs ago I know haha but I always remembered him being the nicest one! So silly but I am so happy for you!

  9. So happy to see you happy! You deserve it!