Thursday, October 13, 2011

birthday festivites

                                I had the best birthday!  My day started out cuddling with Ellie, then being surprised by Ryan serving me breakfast in bed! French toast with coconut syrup and reese's puffs for Ellie. ha He also got me a private yoga session at 3B yoga .. I've always wanted one!
                                                                   Isn't he amazing?

                     Then I played hooky and missed class to treat myself to a pedicure, naturally :)

 Last night, Ryan took me to Sapa in Salt Lake, and it was so so yummy!
One of my new favs for sushi.

The night ended with a movie at his cottage with a new blanket, cozy new pjs, and a serenade of one of my favorite songs. I can't think of a better birthday than to spend it with my favorite person!

And to top it all off...I leave for Mexico tomorrow! See you all in 10 days, suckas! 


  1. love that. jealous you get to go to mexico!

  2. I love that I talked to you forever without knowing it was your b-day!! I'm so clueless! Glad you had such a wonderful day with a wonderful person! Can't ask for anything more, right!!

  3. Happy birthday! You guys are quite the match. Stunning couple. I love Ryan-I used to work with him at color me mine. Funny guy! He's a keeper! ;)

  4. Love you both! You are perfect together... Happy birthday Michelle! You deserve the best :)

  5. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday Michelle! Looks like you had a lovely day that you deserve you lovely lady! :) :)