Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My weekend in pictures

This last weekend, Ryan's family invited me to go to Lake Powell with them! I had sooo much fun...and I already want to go back. It was so relaxing being away from phone service, makeup, school, and work. I loved every minute of it! Tube wars, cliff jumping, learning songs on the guitar in the motor home, attempting to wake board, and sleeping under the incredible stars. I could easily get used to that place;)

isn't Ryan a BABE? woo

my favorite girlies in the world! Noelle & Bella

It was Ben's weekend to have Ellie, so it was nice to get away and take a break from my favorite toddler in the world! But three days is too long without my baby.... I missed her so much! She is at such a fun age. So I thought I would slip in a couple pictures of my little lady...:) It was a fun trip, but i'm sure glad to be back with her!


  1. i've got to say michelle... you two are very cute together! very very! looks like you have loads of fun :) ellie is as cute as ever!

  2. I love this weekend in pictures ! You guys are so perfect together I feel like I'm falling in love with you two ha . Hope you are doing well I miss you!

  3. Oh.my.gosh. You two could not be a cuter couple! Seriously! Looks like you had a fun weekend, I'm so jealous. I love Powell! Ps little Ellie is adorable!

  4. So jealous of you going to lake powell, it's my most favorite place on earth. I feel like it's been forever since I've seen you. Lets get together asap!

  5. ok whoever this Ryan guy is...I like him! :) You guys are so dang cute together!

    And I know it's the wrong post, but Ellie's haircut turned out SOOO dang cute!!