Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Weekend in Pictures

Did everyone have a great weekend? Because I sure did!
This picture was actually from last weekend, but I forgot to post it-- One of my besties Whitney got married!!! Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of me and the beautiful bride, but here is the 'ol gang looking dapper at the reception; Me, Ryan, and Whitney H.

Ryan watched his two little sisters for almost a whole week, so Ellie & I spent most of our time with them! -Just a little background for you, Ryan & I were junior high sweethearts. hahah I love that we have been hanging out a lot! AND we have a few classes together, so SORRY ry're stuck with me for a while. ;)

                                  Bella, Me, Ryan, and Noelle out on the boat! Isn't Ryan's stache sexy?? ;)

We hiked the Y... it was my first time hiking up there! Ryan and I sure got a good workout carrying these lovely ladies on our backs most of the way;)

Then we decided to take the girlies camping! We camped at the most perfect spot.
Here is Ryan teaching the girlies how to start a fire. Best brother award!

Ry, me, and Ellie belly after 5 hours of sleeping on rocks. ugh... G'Mornin!

Me & my lady

       Look at that view!


  1. Ooo I am liking these pictures of the two of you.. hopefully more to come ;)

  2. Fun! I'm determined to go camping at least once before it gets too cold.

  3. uhmmm...please tell me you are more than just friends. talk about a cute couple!! :)