Sunday, August 21, 2011

a weekend of rememberance

Today would have been my parents 40th wedding anniversary! And tomorrow is my momma's birthday, so I thought I would post some old pics of my mom and dad:)
 Miss you mom!

Here are my parents on their FIRST date when they were just 15 years old!! haha I LOVE this one.

My parent's wedding announcement. Look at that stache! Lookin good dad. And my mom was a babe

                                                                          Wedding day

                                                                                Hippies :)

                                                                 4 kids this

                                                                  Me and my momma!

                                                          The best mom in the world

                                   A few days before she passed away. She was so beautiful!

Ellie putting flowers on Grandma's grave

                                                                         The girls

                                                           The best guy in the world
I mostly put these pics up for my dad- to tell him how much I LOVE him! You're the best dad in the world, and I look up to you for being so strong for our family. Mom would be proud of you:)


  1. She is beautiful! You are so blessed to have such wonderful parents, and so blessed to have these wonderful memories of your mom.

  2. Michelle how precious! Love the old school photos you look so much like her in her youth. She really must have been an amazing lady to have raised such a simply AMAZING daughter I'm sure she is so proud of you and your beautiful little squirt! Love you oxoxo

  3. What a beautiful mother you have! I know she is looking down on you and sees what a great person you are and that you created such a happy pretty little girl!

  4. a) she must have been one great lady to let him have the moustache for the engagement picture. my husband tried that on me and i said "NO WAY are we looking back at pictures of you with a moustache." :)

    b) ellie looks so much like you in that picture of the whole family! your mom would be proud of the mom that you are, pretty sure.

  5. Great post Michelle, thanks for the pics. She is an amazing woman! And yes, he is the best guy in the world.

  6. This is so sweet Michelle (In the first picture, she looks JUST like you!) I love seeing Ellie with you, it shows how good of a Momma your Momma was. xo

  7. Oh Michelle, i absolutely Love this! thanks for making me start of the morning with a good cry...i remember how beautiful she was and how we would look at those old pics of your parents and see how much you look like her. I'm sure your dad loves looking at you and being reminded of his dear sweetheart. I love you so much! Nick and I always talk about how big of a stud Lee is and how much respect we have for him. Love the Duncan Fam!