Monday, August 1, 2011

something to think about

ooohhh I am absolutely in love with this post from this blog. She talks about how to talk to little girls.

 She sat next to a little girl on the bus and her first instict was to compliment the little girl on her hair, but then she caught herself. She remembered reading something that said; instead of complimenting little girls on their looks, ask them about ideas and books, and things that will make them think.
I totally catch myself saying things like that to little girls without even thinking, just because it is something easy and safe to say to someone we don't even know them that well.

She continued to say that because she asked those questions, it lead in to conversation including the little girls mother and made them both reminisce about a memory. Starting conversations this way can hopefully help little girls to not get the impression that looks are the most important thing or the first thing that people notice.  I thought it was so true and inspiring, so I thought I would share. Wouldn't it be amazing if we all did this more often?
 Read about it HERE.

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  1. this is awesome Michelle! thanks so much for sharing it. I need all the help i can get raising my little girl. :)
    hope to see you at the NetD BBQ this week!