Tuesday, August 2, 2011

purging pages

 I wanted to share with you a little something that I have been doing recently...so take it for what it's worth. I have been writing every day, something called purging pages. I write/ vent about things that are bottled up inside of me, or things that are stressing me out, or any negative thought that I might have. When I'm done, I shred it. destroy it. burn it. (even that part is therapeutic in itself.)

Let me explain a little bit more.
I used to keep a journal. I used to vent in it, write down happy things, sad things, anything and everything. Well, every time I looked back and read it, it would almost be like I was re-living those sad feelings and moments. Sure, it's good to look back at the past and remember what you learned, but it was almost like making me feel those negative thoughts all over again, which is very unhealthy. Which brought me to my purging pages. I tell you, people. This is as good as any therapy session that I have been to! (and a lot cheaper)

I heard about a study where a classroom full of students who had anxiety and depression, did an exercise just like this. They wrote every day for 20 minutes. After two weeks, there were significant changes in their brains and their anxiety was cut down astronomically. Just by WRITING! amazing.

Writing down all of these feelings help me release and get rid of negativity in my life. Shredding it afterwards, helps me then forget about those feelings and move on.

Extremely therapeutic. Try it!


  1. Thanks for the suggestion darling.. Definitely trying this!

  2. Fabulous Idea!! I'm totally going to do this.