Friday, August 5, 2011

the next Kate Moss?

Is it weird that I am in love with this ten year old model? 10 years old! She is so so cute.
Thylane Lena Rose Blondeau is beyond gorgeous. Although, there has been a recent outrage that Paris Vogue took it a little too far with making her look waaay too old for her age on the recent cover. Makeup? heels? for a ten year old?  Let kids be kids, dangit! I hope that in the future, they portray her as the kid that she is, rather than try and make her look older. I think it could definitely send out the wrong message to girls that age.

But as for the natural photos of her that actually look like her age..... stunning.

What's your opinion on the outrage? Do you think Vogue took it too far? or do you think that it is considered art? Watch the video HERE


  1. the cover is a bit weird, but she is just gorgeous!

  2. love her. she is gorgeous!
    but i do hope she grows up as a kid..

  3. This little girl is selling fashion, in a fashion magazine, not sex. Her natural look is what the media thinks is sexy these days. Big seductive eyes and big lips. With no make-up on she still gives off the same look. I don't think there is anything wrong with it as long as she is enjoying herself and no one is forcing her to model.

    I hated in the video how they said things like, "and here she is seductively sticking her hip out" maybe she is just sitting like that because she is in a skirt. I think people need to quit looking at women or girls like everything they do is trying to be seductive and sexual. She was completely covered, and she had a kitten and bunny by her... sitting like that is not seductive or inappropriate. She was just sitting in a flattering position to show off the clothes.

  4. I agree with you Kaycee that her natural look and those vogue pictures, her face looks the same. That's just her stare! And a big reason why she is famous. I think sometimes people read into it too much. To her, she probably just was excited to play dress up for a day :) I can definitely see both sides though.

  5. I think I know why your in love with she looks like Ellie!! That first picture is totally Ellie when she gets older. And I'm pretty sure Ellie has given me the "seductive stare" I just took it as a scowl though:)