Tuesday, August 30, 2011

mysterious toddler

I think I need to watch out for Ellie....i'm beginning to think this whole "two year old" thing is all a show, and she really is smarter than I think she is. Why you ask? Well, this morning she woke me up at 5:30 AM..... FIVE THIRTY! On my first day of school. just lovely... After a while, I roll out of bed, and decide to hop in the shower. So I lay Ellie in my bed and give her my iPhone while it is playing Baby Einstein. Ten minutes later, I come into the room and lay down by her and look at the phone and this is what I see:

She had dialed Ben TWICE at 6:22am, and also "007" twice. ummm...since when did my toddler know how to call her daddy and James Bond?? hhmmm...

Then I see that she has taken SEVENTEEN pictures of the same thing:
whatever that is?
But wait...it gets even more weird....I opened up the internet browser to check my balance, and this was on the screen:

A google search for coffee in Utah?? WTF??! I don't even drink coffee, so it definitely wasn't from me!
Ellie is ccrrraaazzyy! I am stumped on this one. haha Maybe Ellie was wanting to hint to me what I needed to stay awake in my first class or something......?? Or maybe she is on a special mission that I don't know about?

I guess I will never know how my toddler knows James Bond and how to find the local coffee shop. ;)


  1. This seriously made me laugh so hard!

  2. haha! my ellie hasn't ever googled anything on my phone, but she did add a contact once - someone named 'amaja'?

    how is it that they go from helpless to secret genius in just a year?