Monday, August 15, 2011

My weekend in pictures

   Where did my infant go?? Suddenly I have a walking, talking, self-feeding toddler.
                                                         ooooh I just love this girl!

 The old gang from my Junior high days got together and went out on the lake. We had a little too much fun reminicing about burning soft batch cookies, longboarding to Harmons every night, and all of our two week long romances. Junior high was kind of a big deal.

 My junior high lover and I reunited! hahah Ryan will always be one of my favorites.

We ended the night dancing our little hearts out. My abs seriously still hurt from laughing so hard. Whitney falling.. twice. and Ryan's infamous dance moves....PG-13, people.

 Forget that sunset....Isn't Whitney gorgeous??! I have hotter friends than you do. Love love love her!

My friend's brother Britn AKA Project Lost had his first dj gig. He killed it! Video HERE.

      The fam went up to the city and watched stage 4 of the Tour of Utah. I loved every second of it.

         Alta and I watching the race! I was sad to give this pup back to her owner:( It was a fun week!

I finally got around to re-painting my room for the THIRD time. (shoot me) I decided to go a different route than what I was normally wanting to do. I chose Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore. It makes the room a lot brighter and I love it! The blue/gray is perfect. (this picture's darker in person than in the picture) Now I just need to get my curtains up, rug, pillows and dresser, and hang the art on the wall. I can't wait!
Here are some pictures of the paint color that I used. My camera phone is a piece sometimes..


My friend Kelsey had her 21st birthday!! We had a fun night up at Sundance. Love these ladies!
Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. Ellie is SO big? What in the world? And I'm pretty sure that is the same color as Cody's room. Looks so different in your basement though.