Monday, August 8, 2011

Meet Alta.

Alta is a middle aged golden lab, and we get to watch her for a whole week!!! Ellie and I are BEYOND excited....I want a dog so so bad! Ellie absolutely loves her, and Alta is well trained and perfect. We are going to wear this doggie out all week with hiking, swimming in the lake, playing fetch, walks, and yes, she is an inside dog so she is going to cuddle with Ellie and I.    in my bed.

 Judge me all you want. 

Ellie totally needs a furry friend! Don't you think??

This is Ellie telling me that I should get one. . .

                                                                        slobbery kisses

                                                               cuteness overload!!

1 comment:

  1. She totally needs one!! They are so cute together.. Almost the same hair color haha. We have Emmi, our little wiener dog and Jude is just fascinated with her.. I can just imagine how Ellie is with them