Monday, August 29, 2011

Help me win!

Okay, so I really really want this Hobo wallet from Soel Boutique's giveaway.... I need lots of comments to win though, so leave me a comment!! pleeeeeaaase and thank you:)
Soel Boutique has the CUTEST stuff! Check it out if you haven't been in there before. I love their cute baby clothes and toy selection..but most of all, they have the cutest shoes and boots for us ladies!
Oh, and I am supposed to share an embarrasing moment in this post..... So I think I will just redirect you to a previous post. I am such an idiot.

Thanks for all the comments!!


  1. good luck girl!! I just won my first giveaway so I better help ya out...good karma:)

  2. I have this wallet in orange and it is my absolute favorite... ever! So I REALLY hope you win this one.. good luck!!

  3. I'll come out of hiding to help you win :) I love your blog and the wallet's adorable. Good luck!