Friday, July 1, 2011

pool day

we took a break from splashin around, to take some pics!

although, I think Ellie was more interested in snack time:)

and i'm glad I didn't splurge, (even though I wanted to) Instead, I got her this cute suit for $14!

definitely more focused on snack time.....

walking around giving cookies to strangers;)

pool day success = pass out 10 seconds into driving home


  1. don't you love how wiped out they get after swimming!? Its a guarenteed nap time. Her hair is getting so long! and her swim suit is adorbs.

  2. I got isla this suit too!

  3. pool time = nap time. love it.

    her hair is getting so long! i can't believe it!

  4. Is it from Old Navy? I went today and they have the little girl suits for $8! Yup, $8! I saw that one and thought it was adorable! The little pink ruffled one that is there is to die for as well!