Monday, July 18, 2011

My weekend in pictures

As a result from watching the Tour de France every morning, Ellie makes it a routine to put her Nega Maluca doll that she got from Brad & Gina on her little bike and push it around the house:)

I got to hang out with my most favorite cousins ever!! We went and put unlimited toppings on our ice cream, then went to the park for some fun.

The kiddies got a kick out of Milo's "slide hair"

Anytime Ellie sees flowers, she has to stop and smell them.

g'mornin sunshine!

Morning wrestling match with my toddler. I think it's safe to say that she won this round.

The whole fam damily (except for Ellie, SNIFF SNIFF) took a road trip down to Bryce Canyon! I was the lucky one to ride with the cutest kid in the world. My nephew Cody did so good in the car ride! Here he is with Uncle Brad. This kid seriously kills me with his cuteness.

My brothers Brad & Russ and my sister-in-law Alli and I all ran in the Bryce Canyon half marathon! It was my 2nd time running this course. I LOVE it! and it was so fun having my family run it with me.

Proud, tired smiles from the runners:)

OH, and we happened to see our cousins down there...Heather & Jenny ran it too!

The whole fam damily (-ellie)

I got 7th place in my age group and Russ got 2nd in his, so he got an award. WOO! Go RUSS! 

We stopped at Calf Creek on our way home to ice. Thumbs up for sore legs?. . . .

My BFF/brother/twin and I.
Love him! ooodelally

These guys don't look like brothers at ALL.......;)
My pops & some of his bros chit chattin away

Relaxin on the porch like we do best. Ellie is sportin her new watermelon Vans that she got from her dadda! So cute.
Hope you all had a great weekend!
P.S. my legs are slowly looking better. woot woot. Thanks for all the advice!


  1. those shoes are so cute!
    and please tell me how you look like you have just been in hair and makeup and not running a race. seriously. :)

  2. OMG, love the brothers pic! Classic. Loved spending time with you this weekend (-Ellie, sniff).

  3. Those vans are SOOOOO CUTE! I think I might Olivia some...haha

  4. i bet that's a fun race! i'll have to try that one. p.s. you're little girl is adorable!

  5. You and Ellie = Adorableness. We had so much fun with you this weekend. And you rocked it!!!