Saturday, July 23, 2011

My bedroom makeover progress

I say "progress" as I chuckle...because I haven't made much progress. I've repainted my room twice now, and it is just too dark of a plum purple for me, and not the "gray" that I had in mind. With that being said, thanks to all who gave me their recommendations on their idea of the perfect gray paint! I went and got samples and put them on my wall....and if you can't tell, I am a little indecisive. (to say the least) I even thought about just keeping the color that I have now, because I am absolutely dreading repainting it. But third time might be the charm, eh?

I never want to look at another little paint sample card again in my life.

I finally finished my DIY chandelier! I followed this tutorial, and I like how it turned out. Especially compared to THIS look-a-like chandelier from West Elm that is $270. YIKES! I made mine for easily under 20 bucks. (I will warn you is very time consuming.)
Who would have thought that wax paper would look so much like shells? Pretty cool.

You like?

Here it is with the light turned on:

And some of my artwork arrived! The portrait pieces are from the talented Leigh Viner, and I found the stacked pyramid print on Etsy, and the CHANEL No5 print is by Andy Warhol. As you can see, I wanted to make a fashion inspired gallery wall.
I can't wait to get these bad boys matted and framed!
Although, the color of the walls seem to look great with my artwork! UGH I can't decide.

I will be posting a tutorial on how to make a DIY mirrored dresser hopefully soon...if I can ever decide on a paint color!!!

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  1. i made that same chandelier! after about 4 hours i wanted to kill someone! now i understand why they charged so much on west elm. haha.
    your room is looking fabulous though. love your blog.