Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My 4th of July weekend in pictures (and videos)

Ellie & I had a great Holiday weekend with my family. It seemed like we were always going and going, but that made it fun! I hope you all had a great weekend!

We went to my brother Brad's bike race. He did great!

#1 fans blowing bubbles!

My family red-neck'd me and took everyone clay pigeon shooting. I already want to go again!

the 12 gauge was my favorite to shoot-

this little hand gun was more powerful than the big guns!

We squeezed in a nap..Oh how I love these.
 Ellie & Grandpa taking a break to read...I love how she just cuddled up with him

Up at the park by Brad & Gina's house, they bring out a huge slip n slide on the 4th of July and the Firemen come and spray it with water! Ellie wasn't too stoked on the idea..... ;)

I think Alli & I were the only cool (or crazy!!) mothers who took their babies down the slide!

soap beard!

Can her chubby baby legs be any cuter?!?! I think not.

Ellie & I met up with Dan, Alli & Cody to see the Wailers play!
 Besides chasing a crazy lil girl around most of the time, it was SUCH a good show and Ellie loved the fireworks afterwards.

Ellie rockin out to some slow reggae jams..She LOVES music...maybe from all those reggae concerts I went to while she was kicking around in my tummy? :)

I heart summer


  1. We loved playing with you! That picture of Ellie and her chubby legs is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

  2. That slip and slide looks so fun!!! and I love your blonde hair! :) and, in reference to your other post about letting things go... It is refreshing isn't it?? you are a wise and kind woman for doin that. keep tryin to stay happy :)Don't give up, and call me if you ever need a lil chat ;)