Wednesday, July 13, 2011


 My little bug is growing like a weed. What happened to my infant?! I swear she turned into a toddler overnight. I love this age. She is so much fun but also getting to be quite the handful! I made the mistake of letting her sleep in my bed with me a few nights ago....(Which I LOVE) but now she won't sleep in her crib. Ugh! Nights turn into a war trying to get her to sleep in her crib, while she cries out "momma" all night. It breaks my heart! and of course I am a push over and finally bring her into my bed. I know I need to stop doing that, but tonight she finally fell asleep standing up in her crib, leaning her head on the side of it. Poor thing! What do I do people?? Does anyone have their kids sleep in their bed with them every night? Any help/suggestions would be appreciated:)


OH, and one more thing.....MY LEGS ARE GETTING WORSE! ahhhh! It looks like I have leprosy! I have never seen mosquito bites look like this....I am getting a bit concerned..... Is it part of the healing process that they turn dark like this? and does anyone have any remedies for bites? Don't worry, I am trying my BEST to not scratch them because I don't want scars. But people, this is getting out of control. HELP! This doesn't look normal.


  1. First, what the heck...I've never seen so many bites on one person in my life. You should see if any essential oils would work. I'm sure one out fhere does the trick.
    And as for Ellie. Soph did the same thing. We do dinner, bath, then play, then read her a few books in bed. Chris stays in there with her and turns music on and rubs her back to help her start falling asleep. Then sneaks out. It's good for them to cry it out, and it sucks. I cry the whole time she cries, but it's sooo good for them to see they can do it. But this is what we do every night, so she knows it's bed time. Never the same time, but always the same thing. :)

  2. Michelle, I have tons of bites on my legs too! But I scratched, they bled, then scabbed, I picked.... and it's been over a month and they are very slowly healing thanks to me being OCD. Mine looked just like that though (not that many though, OMG!) It helps when I where skinny jeans and keep my legs shaved. Then I can't scratch and it keeps the hair from growing through the bite and irritating them even more. Damn! Good luck!

  3. Try putting tea tree oil on it. It works wonderfully for my skin and any irritation... Get the pure tea tree though, not just the one they use in a spa for aromatherapy.. that one has a lot of added scent and other things to it. Good luck!

  4. I hate that stage, you're soo right - it stinks and makes you want to cry. Then you go through this rollar coaster of emotions like "am I doing the right thing?" "is this helping or hurting?" Been there - still there. I do have one suggestion and you can take it with a grain of salt, but whenever one of my kids has screamed in there crib for a few nights I've found that a packed or activity filled evening can do the trick. For example I took Kate swimming and then to a late dinner with some friends during one of those weeks. When we got home she was so tired that we went through her regular routine and she fell asleep in her crib without a fight. After that she seemed okay with her crib again. To this day if my kids sleep somewhere other than their bed for a few nights (like a port a crib) they go through the same thing. Good Luck! Sorry, I know its no fun. Ellie is the cutest we'll keep you guys in our prayers

  5. When we were in the process of buying our 2nd home we moved 2 times in a short period of time which took a toll on Paityn. for 3 months straight she would wake up in the middle of the night and we'd have to go get her. I didn't want to let her cry since I knew she was adjusting the the new place BUT also since it was NOT permanent (we were living with my bro-in-law to save money) I didn't want to make her adjust several times. Anyway.. When we moved in our new house I was determined to get my once good sleeper back on schedule.
    Some of the things that have worked good for us is consistency. We always do the same routine.. For us, it is normally bath, jammies & lotion, saying good night to the snake and puppies, book, get blanket and baby than bed. She cries sometimes still but if she does it is only for 2 minutes max. She does well about going to bed again usually.

    She used to love pitch dark but recently she was acting scared so we got her a night light which worked amazing.

    My biggest thing I've noticed is just "winding down". We get calm, quiet and overall more mellow about an hour before bed to make the transition to being tired easy.

    Good luck Pretty Momma!

  6. K Michelle, your legs are freaking me out! I'm not sure if that's normal or not!! :) I agree with what someone said about though...there is probably a natural remedy like Tea Tree Oil that would help. ?

    And as for Ellie~ my motherly opinion would be to let her sleep in your bed. Our kids sometimes get so passed around and are not with us as much as they want, that if she can be near you and with you all night long and wants to be...let her! :) That's just my opinion though. I know it's good for them to sleep independently, blah blah blah, but if you don't mind her in your bed & you still sleep fine.,I say do it! Eventually without you even having to do anything, she will move to her own "big girl bed" someday...and then she won't even need or want you to be in there with her. At least that's been my experience!

  7. I LOVE HER DRESS!! And I am sooo sorry about your legs!

  8. It's hard to let her cry but you're doing the right thing. Children need to be able to put themselves to sleep to develope their own sense of security and independence away from their parents. I've found that if you put them down right when they show signs of early sleepiness they will go down easier vs. when they get overly tired. Good luck!

  9. I stop by every once in a while, my mom loves your blog and so does Sara, they said I should check it out, so I do. :)

    my opinion about Ellie~you're the mom!! You're not going to screw her up by letting her sleep with you, OR making her sleep in her own crib/bed. I can't sleep with my kids in the bed, so I make them sleep in their own exceptions (well, unless they're sick). But I have friends that let their kids sleep in their beds all the time, and they do fine also. If you ever plan on having someone else in the bed with you again (aka: husband), you may want to think about letting her learn to sleep in her own bed, unless you want a family bed, which is also okay. Like I said...You're the mommy.

    Bug bites: My legs looked exactly like that when I was on my mission in Fiji, only my dark circles were like twice that size. I also used tea tree oil, and it really helped. Good luck. :)