Thursday, July 28, 2011

girlie girl

I've got quite the diva on my hands! Every morning, Ellie begs me to give her my blush so that she can put it on her cheeks, while making very precise circular motions, in a very serious manner ;)  Then she puts some on each of my cheeks. Cutest thing ever.

I let Ellie go wild with the paint brush on my wall, just to give me more of a reason to make myself repaint it;) She then began to put some paint on her lips like lipstick! Funny girl.

I love to observe Ellie because she does the funniest things. I caught her pinching her lil belly then smiling after realizing that I saw her. I put this under the "girlie girl" post as a joke, because we ALL find ourselves doing this sometime in our life, don't we? ;) Of course, baby fat is always cute. No fair.

So...I walk upstairs yesterday, to find this:
Yes, that is my dad painting Ellie's nails, and yes, he is the cutest grandpa in the WORLD, and yes, I taught her how to blow on them afterwards to try and avoid pink lacquer on my couch...and everywhere else for that matter.
 Then Ellie of course had to show off her freshly painted nails.

And just in case that wasn't enough cuteness for you...


  1. hahaha I ADORE the picture of her putting blush on!! SO CUTE!

  2. Your Ellie is so sweet! And I love that picture of your dad painting her nails..what a tender moment. Adorable!

  3. These are too cute Michelle! She is so adorable!!!

  4. the one with your dad painting her nails....
    i love it so much!

  5. WoW she's cute! She's learned from the best right!?!? :)