Monday, July 11, 2011

Dear paint pros-

a gray wall that I love...via

I am going crazy trying to find the right shade of gray for my bedroom! The first paint color I tried was too light and pulled a wee-bit lavender tint. Then the second color I tried was pretty dark, but also had a purple tint. What the heck?! My room is in a not-so-well lit basement, so I know that the lighting has a lot to do with getting the right shade. But my question is....Does anyone have any gray paint colors that they recommend?? I am getting sick of re-painting my room, so I want to get it right this next time;) Any help would be much appreciated!


  1. I painted my old room (in my parents basement) gray and turned out with a purple tint to it too... The lighting SUCKED so I pretty much just went with it and had purple as my accent color everywhere (which was ok because that is my favorite color)
    And how this comment is supposed to help you.. Im not sure. I just felt like sharing my similar painting situation with you.
    But I can help paint once you find the right color!

  2. Have you checked out ?

  3. bah! i was at home depot TODAY trying to pick out the best shade of gray....i finally typed in "best gray to paint your walls" and found this log on all these great grays...and its no wonder theyre wonderful....they were all like $50+ for a gallon. so then i went with buying a ton of different testers and painted squares everywhere, i lived with it for like 8 hours then decided i liked gliddens "woodsmoke" the best.

    hope this kinda helped! its hard!

  4. Check out
    She uses a gray called empire state that looks really cool! Good luck!

  5. I just happened to read this today, according to this lady (she's FANTASTIC!) she says Empire State is the perfect grey. Here's a link to her blog with pictures.