Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a visit to the horsies

My friend Whitney happens to have a sweeeet job of taking care of horses all day and teaching kids to ride! So, Ellie and I decided to go visit. Ellie was shy at first, but it didn't take long for her to start feeding the horses hay and giving them kisses.

giving them kisses!

my, what big teeth you have!

doing her fish face......why?  because she is a silly girl :)

Thanks Auntie Whitney!


  1. She is so cute!! I love her outfits, always so stylin.

    Ps I just saw your comment and I don't think of it as copying, haha. You could have taken my whole header and it would have still rocked ;) plus, I goggled that chevron design, I bet it's everywhere.

  2. She is such a cutie!!! and what a RAD job whitney has!!!

  3. Oh my goodness she is so stinking cute! I think Ellie is starting to look more like u Michelle! Two beautiful ladies!

  4. Fun! She is getting so big and I love her outfit so stylin :)

  5. when you dont have facebook I can't find the link to your blog! So now I am on a splurge. I love ellies cute outfits! Teach me how to shop for little girls. The Jcrew blog is to die for!