Monday, June 6, 2011

my opinion on the MTV movie awards ....

Did anyone watch the MTV 2011 movie awards? I could barely stand watching seemed so unorganized and unrehearsed that I sort of felt....awkward even watching it.

and I guess I must be out of the Twilight loop, because I am SO SICK of the world revolving around that movie. They won every single award. again.Yes, i've read the books and seen the movies and I STILL don't get it... Am I the only one who thinks that the winners of those awards were somehow set up? :)

Like how Hit Girl didn't win for best fight scene. I mean come on! She kicked ass in Kick Ass. and like how Justin Bieber won for best draw dropping moment?! uhhh Don't get me wrong...I am still in love with the kid, but James Franco's freaking arm being cut off wasn't enough to win? and how cute Emma Watson was, while she just sat and watched every award that she was nominated for, go to that annoying Twilight chick. and how Harry Potter didn't win anything?! WTF. and how Edward from Twilight...(is that his name?) totally screwed up Reese Witherspoon's big award intro....whom by the way, i LOVE....Her speech was awesome. I love her modest attitude towards the younger aspiring generation. . . and did Robert Pattinson really go kiss his male costar? yuck. that doesn't amuse me one bit.

 I think i'm just in a bad mood today.....or maybe I am just a grandma and don't understand anything about these current cultural obsessions.... but I was not at all happy with the awards show. Can ya tell??

wow. i really need to get rid of my t.v.


  1. Ok... Agree, agree, agree and AGREE!! Michelle, everything you just said, I was thinking in my head (because Collin didn't care enough for me to say out loud to him) while I was watching my recording of it this morning. I HATE that Emma Watson didn't win anything.. Loved how she was just shaking her head when the cameras turned to her while Kristen was giving her speech. (She bugs the Crap out of me!) And Edward? Come on... Best male performance... Ya, NO! Reese was the best part of the whole night! (I loved that they flashed the cameras over to the teen mom section when she said reality shows weren't cool)... OK, Ill stop, this comment cant possibly be any longer! Hahaha

  2. OH, one last thing... I thought Blake and Mila Kunis looked ADORABLE! And Emma Watson had one of the most fabulous after party dresses. Ever.

  3. Ha. I didn't watch it for this reason. I freakin hate all this twilight stuff, this happens every year! Oh well. We know who really rocks. Haha.

  4. I feel the same way I need to get rid of my TV I really don't like it but Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver makes me keep watching TV....shucks I am super obsessed with them. The TV though wow how lame can it get :)

  5. cheer up bret, lets bake a cake