Tuesday, June 28, 2011

the good & the bad

                          Today I thought I would share the "real" behind pictures.
Let me explain: some of the time, a cute & happy picture of Ellie is then followed by a grumpy, fussy Ellie...in which the happy picture doesn't show.  :) So today, instead of just showing the happy pictures, I thought I would show you a little 'behind the scenes'.

Exhibit A: A wonderful summer day visit to Bridal Veil Falls. All splishy and splashy, fun & games, with freaking adorable water shoes and the cutest chubby baby legs you've ever seen... right???

buuuuut in reality, most of the time it was like this:

Exhibit B: Adorable smile in the middle of the grocery store. Happy & perfect, right??

In reality, this happened about 45 minutes later...

just thought I would share my amazingly perfect life with you! ;)


  1. boy, isn't this what happens to us ALL the time! Olivia is so curious by people in public that she tends to just be really calm and stare so everyone is like wow she is such a good baby....haha well once they leave she is back to her crabby self!! I feel for you girl!

  2. Hahaha this is adorable! Great post.

  3. Isn't those short but precious moments that get us through all the rough ones? Being a mom is so hard but so worth it!