Tuesday, May 17, 2011

this girl's got quite the personality lately

Ellie threw up all over the grocery store floor yesterday.....(gotta love kids, eh?) So I called Ben to see if he was nearby with a change of clothes for her, and the only thing he had was his huge shirt. She looked so cute in the big baggy shirt! and she thought she was sooooo cool. It was the funniest thing. As soon as that shirt went on, she wouldn't crack a smile. She was acting super suave... but we finally got a grin out of her. :)

Oh and lately, my recent obsession is pinning, so my blogging sucks. My apologies:)


  1. She is so cute!!! You both are!

  2. it is my favorite thing when babies try to act grown-up. it is so cute.
    she is so cute!!