Tuesday, May 3, 2011

my weekend in Yosemite

I flew out to Lindsey's home town in Fresno for the weekend, and we drove out to Yosemite and stayed in one of her family cabins. I loved every minute of it!

road trippin fools

ONE of Lindsey's family cabins in Yosemite. Isn't it AMAZING?

the trees were HUGE!

The beasts

these boots were made for walking...and that's just what i'll do.

Lindsey exploring

The view

I am in love with this place

fun in the meadow

The waterfalls were beautiful!

Lindsey's friendly giant dog, Max. He takes shifts at the hospital. So cute.
Bye Bye California!


  1. Beautiful place! Beautiful girls! Glad you could get away. You deserve it, hard working momma!

  2. Your hair is gorgeous! Such a pretty place. What a nice getaway!

  3. what a fun trip. I have never been there either, but have always wanted to go.
    Great pics!

  4. I am extremely jealous.... and thats a beautiful great dane.