Sunday, May 15, 2011

as-of-late randomness

Anyone that knows my family, knows that we have a slight obsession with Land Rovers. (European cars in general.) Well, through years of totaling a car, fixing cars, buying new cars, etc., this is the first time in YEARS that they have all been up and running at the same time! (meaning, usually at least one of them is broken, sitting in my garage being fixed by my brothers.)
So here is our "family picture", so to speak. (no, really- we actually took a picture with us kids standing by them...but, I thought that would be going a bit too far with our obsession.;)
It was Lindsey's birthday weekend, and my weekend off from the babe, so the girls took a road trip to Vegas!

My new way of transportation. . . .no, really! Ellie's day care is right by my work so I just drop her off, then head to work for the day. We'll be cruisin in style this whole summer

she loves her new ride

"HHHEEYYY!! Check out my new shoes!"
(I might die with how cute these Toms are)

boo boo


  1. I love that you are riding a bike everywhere! Great exercise, but you don't need that, you look amazing!

  2. Yaay I would have loved cruising in one of those how fun...reminds me I need a new bike SO bad!! Love her new Toms, I just love buying Noah's shoes more than my own they are all so cute when there tiny :)

  3. Love, love and love! I have always wanted a Land Rover... You look stunning for your fun trip to Vegas... I NEED one of those bike attachments (first I need to get my beach cruiser)... and those Toms are to die for!! Im just waiting for Jude's feet to be big enough Ha Ha.