Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cool movie

umm has anyone else seen Ip Man? It might just be on my favorite movie list. Seriously. Go rent it! amazing.

did I really sign up for this?

i'm ready to get dirrrrrtty.

rain or shine.....

...We remember our sweet angel mother whom we love and miss, and also my sister Julee whom I never had the chance to meet. Love you both.

Memorial Day 2011

Sunday, May 29, 2011

inspiration from Gaga

Check out her latest interview HERE. She is inspirational to all, especially musicians....no matter what genre.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

To splurge or not to splurge.....

I just about died when I saw Jcrew's little girl's clothes. I wish I could justify the prices!
(I wish they had this in my size!)

                          Then I saw this little number.....and I am honestly thinking of splurging.
                                                 A high-waist swimsuit for Ellie?! with polka dots?!  OMG.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

cuddle buddy

what a steal!

3B Yoga is having a Summer Special right now- 3 months unlimited yoga for only $150!
 Go get yer zen on.

Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm a little under the weather.....

SO....I must admit that I finally got hit with the fever. Yes, I am not ashamed that I was bored over the weekend and rented the Justin Bieber movie and watched it all by myself. Yes, I am THAT cool, and I was THAT bored and was THAT curious to see what all the fuss was about. I was probably the only girl on this planet that hadn't seen the movie, but I can now officially say that I can clearly see why this epidemic has occured. Don't believe me? Then I suggest you all go get your bieber fever on and see for yourself. And if you absolutely hate it, then i'm sure the part in the movie where Snoop makes an appearance will make up for it....(video below) SO funny.

And For your Monday Music viewing pleasure....(don't judge me.)

and just because I think I am soooooo funny....
k i'm done.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

the simplicities of life

Sometimes I find myself wishing that I could move somewhere else, just me & Ellie. But then I look out my window and realize that I am fortunate to live in one of the most scenic, beautiful places that I have seen. A fifteen minute drive, and I am tucked in the mountains, away from people, houses, reality, and stress. A place where I can ponder, clear my thoughts, and feel that feeling of simplicity.
There was snow on the ground, yet it was warm enough to wear shorts! Where else can you get that??  It was a beautiful, sunny day. and I have tan lines to prove it :)

My beautiful Ellie reminds me every day of the simplicities of life, even if it's just picking flowers. (or dandelions ;) I noticed her watching me tuck a flower behind my ear, then she instantly wanted to have one behind her ear too. Something that simple, made me realize how important it is to set a good example for her. 
My little bug is growing up so fast!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

more from Vegas!

soakin up the sun, living the dream :)
we are lengthy ones!

hanging out with Ronnie from The Killers! fun night

this girl's got quite the personality lately

Ellie threw up all over the grocery store floor yesterday.....(gotta love kids, eh?) So I called Ben to see if he was nearby with a change of clothes for her, and the only thing he had was his huge shirt. She looked so cute in the big baggy shirt! and she thought she was sooooo cool. It was the funniest thing. As soon as that shirt went on, she wouldn't crack a smile. She was acting super suave... but we finally got a grin out of her. :)

Oh and lately, my recent obsession is pinning, so my blogging sucks. My apologies:)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Music Monday

I don't think I will ever get sick of this song.....

Sunday, May 15, 2011

as-of-late randomness

Anyone that knows my family, knows that we have a slight obsession with Land Rovers. (European cars in general.) Well, through years of totaling a car, fixing cars, buying new cars, etc., this is the first time in YEARS that they have all been up and running at the same time! (meaning, usually at least one of them is broken, sitting in my garage being fixed by my brothers.)
So here is our "family picture", so to speak. (no, really- we actually took a picture with us kids standing by them...but, I thought that would be going a bit too far with our obsession.;)
It was Lindsey's birthday weekend, and my weekend off from the babe, so the girls took a road trip to Vegas!

My new way of transportation. . . .no, really! Ellie's day care is right by my work so I just drop her off, then head to work for the day. We'll be cruisin in style this whole summer

she loves her new ride

"HHHEEYYY!! Check out my new shoes!"
(I might die with how cute these Toms are)

boo boo

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Music Monday

This is a video collaboration with 303 magazine, shot by Ben Simkins, with one of my favorite artists doing the artwork.

Paradise Circus by Massive Attack is the background music, which happens to be one of my favorite songs. SO COOL! The model, the fashion, the video editing, I love everything about this video.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Love you, Mom!

Happy Mother's Day!
Love, Michelle & Ellie

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lovely Things

this striped maxi skirt
Miranda Kerr at the Met Gala.
LOVE those shoes

 These fashion inspired prints that I want to buy for my room. Aren't they amazing?
Which one do you like best?

this twist on the tissue paper flowers. So cute!
Tutorial here

bird wall decals
is this not the cutest outfit you've ever seen?
this mustard & grey living space

every single piece from Madewell... I want it all!

Splendid's cute toddler clothes.....Did I just say TODDLER? yup. she's growing like a weed.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

my weekend in Yosemite

I flew out to Lindsey's home town in Fresno for the weekend, and we drove out to Yosemite and stayed in one of her family cabins. I loved every minute of it!

road trippin fools

ONE of Lindsey's family cabins in Yosemite. Isn't it AMAZING?

the trees were HUGE!

The beasts

these boots were made for walking...and that's just what i'll do.

Lindsey exploring

The view

I am in love with this place

fun in the meadow

The waterfalls were beautiful!

Lindsey's friendly giant dog, Max. He takes shifts at the hospital. So cute.
Bye Bye California!