Sunday, April 17, 2011

my weekend in pictures

my favorite twin brother and I, pre-race!

ready to run

post race!
After 13.1 miles, this was all I wanted to do!....and maybe go pee because I held it the last 3 miles...hahah

Aunt Gina playing the piano with Ellie

Ellie loved her balloon

She held on to it all day!

don't believe me? This is how she fell asleep:)

Sunday drawings


  1. Congrats on the marathon, so cool! also, I am loving all of these photos, so cute! Hope all is well xo

  2. I wish I had the energy you do! You are amazing. and I LOVE the photo of Ellie asleep with her balloon. Cute!

  3. So I'm new to your blog, I'm not even sure how I got here. But I love it! What a cute little pair. Congratulations on your race. I hope you don't mind the random reader. I have a rule of letting people know if I stop by.
    I also love the old school looking chalk and concrete steps photo.