Wednesday, April 13, 2011

my next craft for Ellie

Yes, that's an oven made out of a cardboard box! How cute is that?! When this semester is over, and I have more time...I want to make this for Ellie. With her new obsession of playing with pots and pans, she would die and go to heaven if she had a mini oven to use them on. ;)
watch the video HERE


  1. that is genius! i've been wanting to get her one, but they're so expensive and she can't really even reach that high to play yet. thanks! i just might do this . . . if i can get myself moving. :)

  2. Okkkkkk. I Looooooove this!! When I have a little bambino of my own I will most definitely be making this! I just love your blog so much and all the cute stuff you find! This is one of my faves.