Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I need your help!

Hello, my fellow readers:)
I am on the hunt for a basic, frameless mirror...You know, the kinds in bathrooms.
Like this:
I am currently working on a project and I need a big mirror that I can cut into smaller pieces.
If any of you know of a place where they have scraps of mirror that I could have, or if someone is re-decorating their bathroom and is getting rid of one, let me know! I am looking for a cheap, possibly free one. I keep checking Craigslist for one to pop up but I haven't had much luck. So, if anyone knows any info.... I would love you forever! (even though I already do.)


  1. Try the Habitat for Humanity Restore on Orem Blvd. I think it is between center and 4th south. It has lots of great things to redo.

  2. Call Kaye Judd. She has some mirrors in her garage, and I'm sure she wants to get rid of them since she's going on a mission to Ghana this summer. Your dad knows my dad. Maybe he'll call ;)

  3. I bought one at Jones paint and glass last summer that was about half that size for only 10 bucks