Monday, March 7, 2011

bacon in desserts?

ummmm i'm sorry, but did I miss something? Since when does bacon go with desserts? I read an article that bacon is being added to various things; toothpaste, cookies, mints, ice cream, and baby formula? I get that it adds flavor...but why not use agave or something normal like that?

Maybe it's just because i'm not a huge fan of bacon in the first place....but since when does bacon go with chocolate chip cookies? Maybe I am the only one who doesn't get it....but I wanted to throw up when I saw that article. Has anyone used bacon in desserts?


  1. They have maple bars on campus at BYU that have a strip of bacon on top, and it weirds me out, but it tastes good. I like to think of it somewhat like those times when you're eating pancakes with syrup, and a little bit of the syrup gets on your bacon or sausage, and it's really good.

    (those cookies you posted though....eech. I'd be skeptical! Haha.)

  2. Yeah I am with you! I don't think bacon should mix with any of the above items! Yuck!!

  3. Days Market sales maple-bacon bars. SICK!