Sunday, February 13, 2011

homemade mini oreo hearts

I wanted to make something different this year for Valentine's Day, rather than the original sugar cookie. What is more opposite than an oreo cookie?? :)

I usually just make circle oreo cookies with no sprinkles, but I decided to attempt a heart-shaped sparkly version.
 (and no, these aren't supposed to be 'broken hearts' hahah.....although they do sort of look like it.)

Oreo Cookie Recipe
(I got this recipe from my lovely sister-in-law)

For the cookies:
-2 devil's food cake mixes
-1 cup shortening
-4 eggs

For the frosting:
-4 oz. soft cream cheese
-1/2 cup soft butter
-4 cups powdered sugar

Use an electric mixer to combine the cake mixes, shortening, and eggs together in a bowl. (The dough will be very thick so you might have to use a dough hook rather than the beaters.) Form the dough into small balls and bake on cookie sheets at 350 degrees for 10 minutes. (they will look slightly undercooked.) As you take the cookie sheets out of the oven, drop the cookie sheet on the counter one or two times to collapse and slightly flatten the cookies. When the cookies are cooled, use the fillings to sandwich them.

Alterations to make the sprinkled hearts:
After you form the dough into small balls, roll it in sprinkles. Then put on cookie sheet and bake. After you have collapsed the cookies on the counter, take a heart shaped cookie cutter and cut out a heart from the hot cookie. Remove excess scrap of cookies and eat it! :)

my little cookie monster


Then package them up and give some to a loved one!  xoxoxox
Happy Valentine's Day. Much love to all of my readers!


  1. WOW how cute is that! I love the package you made too! Looks so professional and YUM!

  2. Those are so cute Michelle! I'll have to veganize these so I can try them out! Love them!