Tuesday, February 1, 2011

From the Archives

Today I walked into the room where my dusty treadmill sits, and decided I needed to start running again. I have a few races that I need to train for and I am definitely not ready for them! Well, I really like to listen to music while I run. In fact, it's almost impossible for me to run without it. Since my Ipod broke, I looked around the room and spotted an old beaut from my past.     The boom box.
 Next to it was a stack of cds, so I started going through them. I then realized that they were all from my junior high years-sophomore year of high school! As I thumbed through them, I found a Gangster cd that someone burned for me,  'Save the Last Dance' soundtrack that my sister in law burned, and a "Drop it Like it's Hot" labeled cd, who I am assuming was from my friend Jamie. hahaha I just about DIED. What the crap did I listen to back then!? My mind instantly got flooded with memories of me being the first one out of my friends to get my license, and us cruising around O-Town in my parent's beat up Land Rover, listening to rap music. We thought we were sooooo cool. 
 Good times for sure.....
I must redeem myself, however. I will give myself some credit for having some decent jams in my old collection, such as: Cat Stevens, Dave, Weezer, Guns & Roses, Bob Marley & the Wailers, The Beatles, Ben Harper, and the Steve Miller Band.
Remember...this was in 8th,9th, and 10th grade :)
By the way...who has a boom box and cds anymore?? Not many that I know of. haha 

Let's just say that I had a good run this morning :)

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