Saturday, January 29, 2011

my heart is full

Today has been a spiritual day for me. Also an emotional one. For some reason, a certain someone has not left my heart all weekend. Some people may or may not know who I am talking about. But after typing post after post, then erasing them, then re-writing them, I feel like I should just express my feelings as best as I can.

I touched on how I felt about this subject just a hair in a previous post, but this time it's about something and someone different, and I look up to this certain someone in more ways than she knows.

I don't know her that well, just friends of some friends. But when I heard about her situation, my heart instantly loved her. Since then, she has rarely left my mind. Her decision and actions are selfless and humbling. Her attitude has been unbelievable, and she has shown a great deal of courage, maturity, and strength.

 This person has given a child, a gift, a life.... to someone who has not been able to have one.

The reason for this post is to simply express my feelings to this girl (if she ever reads this) and tell her that I love her. To tell her that I look up to her for her decision, and respect her for such a courageous sacrifice that is so extremely hard to do. I cannot even imagine. But I know without a doubt, that she will be blessed and she will bless the lives of everyone around her, including that precious little boy.

I love you, and I am praying for you! I hope to soon wrap my arms around you, give you a big hug, then tell you how much I look up to you. Thank you for being inspiring and truly a great example to me. Until then, I needed to express my love for you through words. You are an amazing woman. :) 


  1. Being adopted, I know what you mean about someone in the position having to make a decision that is "selfless and humbling". I still have never met my birth mom (some day I would love too) but reading things like this always reminds me she truly is my hero for being courageous enough to do what she did, to give me a better life.
    Thanks for the reminder :)

  2. Michelle, I hardly know you but stalk your blog and think you and Ellie are great (obviously!) So, I just want you to know I read your previous blog you linked way back in sept. and it lightened my minds load. Ive wanted to say exactly what you said in soo many situations and to many different people, but I never had the right words. Youre words were perfect! and i felt like it was my own brain spewing them out. Its so nice to know someone out there feels what I feel and goes through similar situations on a certain degree. I, too, was in the exact situation as you three years ago and feel like I HAVE to tell you that you youre not alone in those feelings. Thanks so much for sharing-because i know its a sensitive subject. Anyways, this is a novel of a comment, but i just wanted let you know i love your blog and thanks for sharing!

  3. You are so sweet! Even though I don't know the specifics, its really a nice post!

  4. Hey I don't know you... and I'm not sure how I came across your blog tonight, but I'm glad I did. I read your other post that you linked to, and with both of these together you say so much perfectly. Just because one decision wasn't the right one for you, for some people it is. My husband placed his daughter for adoption and I look up to him for the strength and insight he had to make that decision, (along with his ex). There are times when it's hard but he knows that she is where she is supposed to be, and we are incredibly blessed to have a relationship with her family. Sorry if this is random, I just wanted to tell you that you write beautifully.

  5. this was an amazing post, well said. I want to comment and reply but I am sort of at lost for words. I guess its just crazy the weight and influence of our decisions have at some points in our lives. I know who this was for, and I can't tell you how much I admire you for your strength and your decision in your situation but have complete respect and admiration for this girls decision as well.