Sunday, January 23, 2011

a little trip to the doctor's office

My little Ellie is 15 months old!  
She had a check-up and I thought I would document it with my crappy camera phone:)
Ellie is such a hyper girl! She definitely wears me out. She's at a fun age though where she is so interested in everything that she sees.
For some strange reason.....anytime she sees a pig in a book or on tv she blows it a kiss.
uhh RANDOM? She loves them! ha

                                                                        Little rebel ;)

hahahah. She lays her head on EVERYTHING and says, "awww"
(apparently including the doctor's chair)
After braving four shots and crying her eyes out, she passed out.
 I seriously think she slept the rest of the day. Poor girl!



  1. she IS a cutie. i wish our ellies could play - seriously get rid of some energy together! sometimes i want to rent a kid to wear mine out.

    i hate the shots. we have some coming up next month and i'm not excited . . .

  2. Oh Michelle she is so cute!! I can believe how big she has gotten!

  3. she is seriously adorable! love the pics!

  4. look at those lips when she's sleeping!! wow!

    I think all kids this age are hyper... they are exhuasting! But we love 'em anyways right! :)

  5. Oh I miss little Ellie! She seriously is the sweetest little thing ever! I can't believe she's 15 months already! They grow up way too fast. PS A little tylenol an hour before shots has worked great for us, still tears, just not as many. Love you guys!

  6. still sad ive never met little ellie!!! i hope someday i'll get the privilege!!