Wednesday, January 19, 2011


                                          Oh how I wish I could pull off bangs... sigh...
                          although, i've never tried them....I just know I couldn't pull them off!


  1. I bet you could! Have you ever tried, I don't think I've ever seen bangs on you...

  2. i seriously love zooey.
    and her bangs. i wish i could pull them off,
    i look 12 with them. but you, you should try it.
    you could seriously rock the bangs.

  3. i want bangs, but the husband thinks they look weird on me. i like them, but he's the one who has to look at me most of the time, right? ;)

    have you ever done that virtual makeover? careful, you'll get obsessed. but you can see what you look like with bangs. it's

  4. OK first of all you could pull off anything so... Ya. Thats that. Second I love her bangs! Very very cute. I had them once and I loved it but if it turns out not like you want, they really do grow out so fast!! So give them a try... I hear they are going to be the next big thing (Sandra Bullock sported them at the GG) ;)

  5. go for it! I think they will look nice on you :)