Saturday, January 15, 2011

Asher's baby blocks

My friends Tim & Taylor are having a baby boy! and I couldn't be happier for them.
Using some inspiration from my NY blocks, I made baby Asher some blocks for his room.
I had alot of fun making these, and they aren't too hard either! Makes for a great personalized baby gift.

                                                                    The backs of them

A good baby shower gift idea (coming from a mother myself) is a mixture of practical things, as well as fun things. For my friend's baby shower, I bought a basket and filled it with some goodies:
-A c.d. of lullaby renditions of Bob Marley.
              This website has lots of bands to choose from including U2, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin 
             & Pink Floyd and more! LOVE.
-two onesies
-some baby wash
-baby name blocks

I can't wait for little Asher to come!!!


  1. PRO. thats what that is right there. :)
    love all the goodies
    and the blocks are killer.

  2. Michelle this is just too cute!! I love the blocks, great idea! And my brother in law told us about those CDs, we still need to get one so Im glad you put a link to it :) LOVE the gift basket, adorable!

  3. ok... rockabye baby black sabbath? bwahaha so cool. And the blocks are super cool.

  4. darling Michelle! You are such a talented crafter!!

  5. The best present EVER. Asher is going to be a little stud!!