Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

Remember this post about these amazing outfits?
Well I am here to give you my 'Thrifty' (er) version!
The outfit below roughly sells for $420.00.

                                  Here is my version:  It is different, but similar in alot of ways.
                                            --Slouchy knit sweater from Forever 21.
                                            --Black tights from Forever 21
                                            --Boots from Sundance (I got these as a gift,
                                                 but there are cheaper versions similar also at Forever 21)
                                            --Black tunic shirt from Urban Outfitters
                                            --Belt from Forever 21
                                                      This whole outfit was under $70!
                                       (that's with boots from Forever 21 instead of my boots)
                            Forever 21 is the perfect store for moms (or anyone for that matter!)
                                                              who still wanna be fashionable-                                                  
                                                          but not burn a hole in their wallet!
one fashion tip:
Normally, I would have worn black boots with this outfit,
but because I paired these tan boots with a belt of the same color, it works!
Happy Thrifty Thursday!