Sunday, December 19, 2010

One of my new favorites

I went and saw Black Swan last night, and I already want to see it again.
It was amazing!

Natalie Portman definitely deserves that Academy Award. She was incredible!


  1. besides the open end, I like the artistic side of it everything was beautiful and Natalie did a great job.

  2. May I say that I don't think the ending was open. The movie itself was a parody of the play. From the prince (the teacher) to becoming the black swan (evil, seductive, angry). In the play, the swan kills herself. Thats what makes the movie so GOOD. She literally lives the part consciously and subconsciously. If she didn't live the part to the fullest (suicide included) then she wouldn't have believed she executed the part perfectly. Also if she lived, the movie wouldn't have stayed parallel. Thus, leaving everything else in the movie open-ended.
    In my opinion,
    Best Psychological Thriller ever made.