Friday, December 3, 2010

Lovely Things

Okay, so i'm pretty much obsessed with Emma Watson's haircut! I would die to look like her.

I think I see a bit of a resemblance with her and Twiggy maybe?

This insanely cute 'Bee' themed birthday party.
What an amazing cake!

this rad dining room table

this beautiful Michael Kors watch

this vintage Tiffany's ad

this lovely thought. So true! via

These Lunchskins. Dishwasher safe, re-usable, and cute!

this photo that my bro sent me

This cute mom & daughter tote bag. Thanks Kristyn! I LOVE mine:)


  1. emma's hair is adorable! holy crap.
    that tote is ingenius!! i have to get my hands on that... literally. :)

  2. dunc, i love you and your style but sometimes you make me crazy wanting things i can't have! ;)

  3. I know about that watch, right? I just bought a cheapo American Eagle version. Love love it.

  4. @the fowlers- I concur!

  5. i love everything about this post. everything!
    you have some killer taste lady.
    and emma, i LOVE her. seriously i was so glad she
    cut all her hair off, she looks stunning.

  6. You know, it's really big hit to my self esteem when an unbelievably gorgeous person like you wants to look like someone else. Gosh. Make me feel like a paria. =P lol