Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hey all you moms..

I can't believe that i'm saying this....but Ellie has outgrown her infant carseat! :(

What is the next stage? a forward facing carseat right?

Does anyone know any good brands or models??? I need to buy one.

Why wasn't I smart enough to get one of those genius 3 in 1 seats?! ugh. 


  1. Yay! It's time to put her forward facing! We did a bunch of research and found that the Safety First brand was the best for the money. I would first check Costco because you can usually find one there for way cheaper. If not then check Amazon because their still cheaper than walmart/target/babiesrus. It's so much better when their forward facing!

  2. forward facing!!! yay!!!
    I got the one from costco, and i LOVE it. It was
    way cheaper than anything else, and seriously so
    nice for sophia. she loves it. it's comfy cozy.

    forward facing is the best!