Wednesday, December 29, 2010

great baby gift ideas

My best friend Whitney made these for Ellie for Christmas.
 How cute are they?!?
I'm thinking about making one for an upcoming baby shower that I'm going to.

                                        Here they are hung up in Ellie's room.
                     Thanks Whit! I love them!

            Here is the tutorial on how to make them, along with other fabulous
                                            hand-made baby gift ideas!
Check them out HERE


  1. Wow these are so cute!! Was it Whitney Hansen?? she is so talented!! and cute! I love the owl! That onesie is from Target, believe it or not! They have some cute stuff!

  2. I love the cute owl! I love your blog & basically stock you ;)

  3. Diana you are the sweetest! thanks a bunch :)