Thursday, December 30, 2010

glitter flowers

These are a little different version than my original paper flowers that I made.

What you will need:
-glitter glue pen (in a color of your choice)
-floral wire stick thingys (found at michaels)
-glue gun
-paper (in a color of your choice..I used pages from a book)

First, cut out your paper in a flower shape like I did in the picture below. It is faster to use a die-cut machine.
                                            Next, trace the edges with your glitter glue pen.
                                         When the glitter glue is dry, cut a slit into the center of your flower

 Next, take your wire and bend the very end of it to a 90 degree angle. Try and make the angled part as small and short as possible so it doesn't show on your flower. (about 1/4 inch)     

                                              Dab some glue on one side of the slit that you cut.
               Fold one side of the slit on top of the glued part of the flower, making a cone shaped flower.
 Dab some glue in the center of the flower, then slide the angled part of the wire through the slit and the center of the flower, then press the wire onto the dot of glue. Be careful to not burn yourself!
 While the glue is still hot, place a rhinestone on top of the wire part that is sticking out so that it covers it.
 I added some fun glitter rock stuff to the bottom of my vase to match the color of glitter glue that I used.

I have lots of extra flowers....If I were to do a giveaway would anyone want them? :)
 I guess if you want to enter, just leave your email address!
i'll pick a winner on Monday
Thanks for reading my blog everyone!


  1. These are so crafty but very cute. I love them.

  2. please bless. i love these and suck at making what everyone else makes.

  3. Super cute!

  4. Cute idea! You're so creative Michelle!

  5. I swear I left a message yesterday but you know I love everything you do! I would love love love to have these!!

  6. You are too cute. :)