Monday, December 6, 2010

FYI I am venting in this post

This picture very well expresses my emotions right now...........
Let's go through a day in the life of Michelle, shall we?
(just for personal theraputic, ventilation purposes)

-Wake up at 7:30, make Ellie a ba ba (in baby language, that means bottle), and get her ready
-Shower, get myself ready for the day
-Drop Ellie off at ben's house and be to math by 9.
-Endure headache for two hours while trying to solve impossible functions.
-Pick Ellie up from Ben's and take her to daycare

-Go to work from 12 till 5
-Pick Ellie up.
-Fix dinner (if i'm feeling up to it)
-Get Ellie to bed around 730
-Do homework in my bed for hours until I submit it two minutes before midnight, which is when it's due.
-Get Ellie out of her crib and into my bed to cuddle with her because I didn't see her all day.
-Fall asleep with my girl

This has been my robotic routine for the past 7 weeks.
OH and I forgot to add:
-failing my last two midterms which are most of my grade
-Kicking myself for not taking past college classes seriously....that I now have to make up for.
-not being able to go to the lab because I have to go to work
-me thinking i'm crazy for wanting to go back to school when all I do is fail my tests!!

As you can see, I have a very lovely, stressful life as of late.
Don't panic....don't panic....try not to panic...........


  1. Oh man you have a busy life!! You poor thing. I am going through finals right now too and its soo hard trying to juggle a family and school!

  2. Wow busy girl! What are you going to school for?

    Just remember, it will pay off in the end!

  3. you are brave to go back! i want to, but haven't yet. i know i'm going to have a really rough time of it. i still need my stupid math credit, too.
    good luck and hang in there.

  4. I'm sorry pretty lady. I know this feeling all too well. This is the story of my life.. But I wrok 8-5 than school until 7:30. :-( It stinks but it is only temporary. You and Ellie will both appreciate all you are doing - stick with it. You are an amazing woman and mother. You are doing phenomenal!

  5. hang in there Michelle! Life can be (and usually is) overwhelming! :)
    The ONLY way I passed any math class in High School & College was to get a tutor. Sounds lame I know, but if you want to pass bad enough, do it! I never learned or grasped anything during an actual math class.
    Good luck!!!