Saturday, December 25, 2010

Feliz Navidad

Ellie absolutely loved Christmas. She loves to listen to Christmas music and eat lots of Christmas treats;)
She got some great gifts this year. We are so blessed!

Ellie hugged every toy or piece of clothing that she got. It was too cute!! Here she is giving some love to a shirt that her uncle Brad and aunt Gina got her.

Ellie's other aunt and uncle Dan & Alli got her this Radio Flyer bike.
She won't get off of it! She loves it.

I have been thinking alot today about how blessed I am. My brother Brad and his wife Gina are in Brazil right now, and they were able to give Christmas to a number of less fortunate families. What an amazing experience! It made me remember about my trip to Africa and how they hardly have anything over there, yet they are so so happy. I am so blessed for my family and my friends and for the little things in life. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and may we all give thanks for all the blessings that we have!


  1. oh how cute is she!! I love that she loved every present she got. what a sweetheart!

  2. Ellie had the BEST christmas!!!

    Thanks to mommy.