Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ellie update-14 months

Ellie got a big girl carseat! She loves it. (and so does mommy:)

                                  Ellie loves to get into the tupperware cupboard.
                                       She carries them all around the house!

Introducing.............miss drama queen! Ellie's new thing is to throw "fits". She literally puts her head on the floor and starts crying. If she is this dramatic at age is she going to be when she's a teenager?!? YIKES. I try not to think about it.



  1. She looks so cute in her carseat!! I bet that is crazy for you to think she is in one!!

  2. HAHA. I know what you mean. I have that same issue.. and You can't help but grab the camera and take a photo because it is so funny.

  3. I see you got the Safety 1st car seat. I love ours. If you think the fit throwing is bad when she's one, just wait til she turns two. God knew what he was doing when he made little ones so cute cause other wise all us parents would go crazy :)

  4. OH MY....
    Ellie never does that for me. She's always an angel for dada. Thank goodness.