Friday, December 3, 2010

The Culprit

There she is. All alone on my desk, looking colorful and tasty. Don't be fooled people. This candy dish I swear will be the death of me.
You see, I have a number of jobs at the office. Answer phones, help with support, man the front desk, lock the doors when I go home, do random jobs for people, and fill up the candy dish that sits on my desk. Not so hard, eh? Well, I am here to talk about that last task. I get to pick out what candy goes in it. - Well lately, that seems to be causing a bit of controversy around the office. This last week, I had leftover pink Jelly Bellys from Ellie's party occupying the dish. Most people thought I was weird for choosing pink, and most of all for having those be the candy of choice for my older, male employees. (pink? really??) Most of them would try and hint that I needed to go buy better candy. They weren't very sneaky.... but Ok, come on people....I have a gallon zip lock bag full of them, I thought it was a good way for me to get rid of them. Apparently not. SO I go to the store, and buy Christmas candy; chocolate. LOTS of it.
I need to stop eating them!!!!!!!
and I need to stop boring you with this stupid, unimportant post about the candy dish on my desk.
Back to work I go.
I'll stop rambling.


  1. haha thats fun! I don't understand why they think Pink Jelly Bellys are bad!!!

  2. This reminds me of eating deli treats day after day after day after day........haha I'm pretty sure I lost weight when I quit working at the deli!!!!

  3. My boss keeps bringing me Lindor Chocolates! At 80 calories each...and a couple of them each day - I am in REAL trouble!