Sunday, November 7, 2010


hey ladies.... This one is for you-
I have never thought about eyelash extensions until one of my friends got them done and they looked great! I wanted to try it out one time to see if I liked them....but I will admit that I was skeptical at first because I didn't want them to look fake or too dramatic because I don't wear that much makeup as it is.

I think these extensions will be a new addiction of mine! why?? because YOU DON'T NEED MASCARA!! what's that I said?? Yup that's right. I am only wearing a tiny bit on my bottom lashes. How sweeeeet is that? These lashes make a big difference and I love how natural they look. 
These can be expensive at most places...but the lady that did mine does them for a great price ! And she does deals every now and then..(bring in a friend and you get them for cheaper, type of things)
For pricing and Info, go to her Facebook page. her name is Joelle from Exotic Lashes--and she is AMAZING!
 Call her up and don't forget to tell her that Michelle Duncan sent you!

lovely curling iron burn on the forehead eh? ;)


  1. WoW you are so gorgeous! Those eyelashes look amazing on you, I have been thinking about getting not wearing mascara makes it completely worth it!