Monday, October 25, 2010

woke up on the wrong side of the crib?

Remember my sweet, innocent, little Ellie? Maybe some of you can refresh my memory....because I have forgotten about that era. Let me explain...My morning ritual used to go as followed: (before this morning, that is)

Wake up roughly around 8, by the sounds of cute Ellie Mae yapping away in her crib. I make her a bottle, then bring her in my bed to cuddle. She loves being snuggled and having her tummy tickled. I usually give her my phone to play with while I relax for 5 more minutes before I start my day. She always smiles and laughs when I show her videos and pictures that I have of her on my phone. She then makes cute noises and says "awwwww" as she puts her head on my shoulder. What a perfect angel, right????

Those times have apparently changed...I feel like the parent whose teenage daughter won't let you say 'I love you' to her in public anymore. (which I will NOT let happen, by the way;)
This is tragic, people!!!

Let me paint a little picture for you of how the events of this morning played out:

My blissful dream of Chuck Bass was abruptly interrupted by Ellie crying, so I go and make her a bottle and bring her into my bed. For some reason, she doesn't want the bottle, so I try and soothe her with my usual ritual of phone distractions and tummy tickling. She would not have it. I feel like she is beginning the "terrible twos" era. But she is only merely ONE! Is there an "Odious Ones" stage that I should know about?? She kept grabbing my glasses and whining if I took them away, and pulling my hair and scratching my face. Where did all this wild behavior come from?! Where did my sweet Ellie go? I have a feeling this is the start of her realizing that she usually gets what she wants when she whines. (which I definitely need to learn how to reverse.)
Tomorrow she turns ONE! I can't believe it. Hopefully today she just woke up on the wrong side of the crib, and tomorrow she will be back to her sweet, innocent self. I am throwing her a big party tomorrow... (spoiled girl) so she better be good to her mommy! ;)


  1. Ha ha Michelle, hang in there! Just remember that she is finding new ways of expressing herself and that may include some "wild behavior". It doesn't mean that you're spoiling her, you're doing a great job. But just to let you know, I think terrible twos start at one, not two! :) love ya! And Happy Birthday Ellie!

  2. Is she cutting another tooth? or she may have a ear infection if she continues to not want her bottle. Oh and p.s. the 24 flu is going around, hopefully Ellie doesn't have it but when Henry got it that's how it started, fussy, angry, neediness, refusing food and then he ralphed six times.

  3. Thats the storey of my life girl!!! Your blog is too cute! And your daughter is to die for! Even though she is being naughty!